We build strong stakeholder relationships, bring the right expertise for the work, and complete projects successfully—no project is too complex for our team to handle.

How We Work

“One favorite aspect about working at HRS is the collaboration between HRS and our parent company, Dudek. I help my clients with their environmental needs that are outside my own discipline with our HRS-Dudek combined suite of services. I am just a phone call away from someone in Biology, Hydrology, Engineering, Cultural, Construction Management, Forestry, Air Quality, Permitting, and GIS.”

Peter Trotta, QAL, QSD, QSP
Corporate Officer/Senior Project Supervisor

“I strive to be proactive on any project related problems and communicate with clients immediately to determine the appropriate solution. With long-term projects there are always adaptive management actions that are required to make a project successful and having a trusted and candid relationship with our clients makes the problem solving process very fluid.”

Kyle Matthews, QAL
Vice President/Senior Project Manager

“In the construction industry, hard work is a necessity to successfully complete projects on time. To stay successful, you need to deliver high-quality work and build a solid reputation. To maintain a great relationship with our clients, we do things right the first time and provide unmatched customer service. Excellent customer service is what gets us that reputation and the next job.”

Kevin DiSabatino, QAL
President/Senior Construction Project Manager