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We're Multidisciplinary

We are environmental planners, scientists and engineers who help clients plan, design and build projects that improve communities’ built and natural infrastructure. We are creative, pragmatic problem-solvers working at the intersection of science, engineering, regulations, and multiple stakeholders’ interest to help clients achieve project goals.

  • 400+ Multidisciplinary Employees
  • Employee-Owned
  • Founded in 1980
  • Based in Encinitas, California
We Serve Diverse Markets
We're Nimble

We are organized to meet the needs of our clients. That means that everyone at Dudek is a leader in a project management, technical, work product delivery, or operational capacity. Often, we wear more than one of these hats. Individuals collaborate quickly without bureaucratic layers so we can be nimble problem solvers for our clients.

Meet Our Project Managers and Technical Leaders

Meet Our Divisional and Operational Leaders

We're Client-Focused

Client satisfaction drives our continuous growth.

We Value Relationships

Projects succeed through deep technical expertise and outstanding project management. People succeed through relationships. We see our clients as individuals we want to help succeed by:

  • Listening to and understanding your project need
  • Committing to collaboration and communication
  • Keeping your best interests at the heart of every decision
  • Being an easy and enjoyable partner to work with
We Protect Our Culture

Our culture is the foundation of who we are and how we work, and is shaped by these shared beliefs:

  • People working in a trusting atmosphere rise to the occasion and perform better than with top-down management.
  • Achievement is measured by cumulative contributions to client work, not by job title or org chart position.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged. Good ideas are funded. Success is rewarded.
  • Diversity enhances our delivery. Our colleagues’ diverse and intersecting perspectives help us produce thoughtful and inclusive work.
  • Employees make the best owners. Ownership opportunities are available to all full-time staff.
  • We take our work seriously, not ourselves!