Brush Management During Fire Season

Fire season is arriving as summer is fast approaching. Keeping weeds down is an integral component in brush management and fire prevention, especially during the spring and summer months in California where the 80-100+ degree temperature harbors perfect conditions for wildfires to take place. Brush management includes cutting weeds and grasses that are over four inches in height.

Many cities and counties have vacant lot weed abatement programs that call for maintenance of dry brush and grass in areas that would be otherwise overlooked and pose a fire hazard to nearby properties and parcels of land. We partner with agencies all over California and provide maintenance to help prevent wildfires from occurring. We target dry, dead, dying plants that are highly flammable fire starters and we thin vegetation selectively to thwart a possible fire’s path.

Choosing which plants to install in the first place are a vital component of fire prevention as well. The best plants are native, drought-tolerant, fire-resistant, and have enough space between each other. Proper irrigation will ensure plants don’t dry out and become a “wick” for wildfires to spark.

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