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Bringing the Endangered San Fernando Valley Spineflower Back to Life

Dudek and Habitat Restoration Sciences (HRS) have seen initial success while managing and implementing the first ever re-introduction of the endangered San Fernando Valley Spineflower (Chorizanthe parryi var. fernandina). Teaming with the California-based land developer FivePoint Holdings, LLC (FivePoint), Dudek and HRS began implementation of re-introduction activities in September of 2018. Reintroducing the San Fernando

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Native Plant Nursery Aids Restoration Projects

Dudek and its native habitat contracting firm, Habitat Restoration Sciences Inc. (HRS), have started a native plant nursery and native seed propagation facility in Carlsbad, California, to help clients’ restoration projects be more successful and cost-effective. Andy Thomson, a senior Dudek restoration ecologist and nursery co-founder, said the facility provides four advantages for habitat restoration

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Managing Wetlands Permitting for New School Construction

San Marcos Unified School District officials saw opportunity – rather than potential regulatory headaches – when they learned a new elementary school site harbored federally-protected wetlands habitat and endangered thread-leaved brodiaea. The district developed ambitious plans to preserve the wetlands and to translocate the plants to a 7.6-acre preserve surrounding the school on two sides.

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