Our team has worked on hundreds of native habitat restoration, maintenance, and construction projects. We combine our extensive knowledge of the nuts-and-bolts of restoration implementation with the environmental and engineering resources of our parent firm, Dudek, to provide you with strong, integrated teams for any habitat restoration project.

Restoration and Mitigation Installation

Our habitat restoration installation and long-term maintenance projects reach their success criteria and achieve agency sign-off, including projects in chaparral, coastal sage scrub, grasslands, marsh, riparian, wetlands, woodlands, vernal pools and desert ecosystems.

Native Habitat Maintenance

We get our projects started on the right foot so that nature can take over. By implementing adaptive management we then guide each project to a successful conclusion.


Our design-build expertise means cost savings and worry-free implementation of your habitat restoration projects. We can streamline your restoration project with turnkey services, including planning, design, permitting, construction, post-construction monitoring, and long-term management.

Creek and Meadow Restoration

We work closely with our project stakeholders to restore degraded creek and meadow systems by improving hydraulic functions, enhancing aquatic habitat and stabilizing creek banks which also supports the adjacent meadow vegetation.

Preserve and Land Management

Mitigation areas and preserves require specialized long-term management focused on rare species, native habitats, weeds, trash and trespass. We deliver cost-effective approaches for maintaining habitat values in perpetuity, as well as meeting long-term resource agency and local jurisdiction management requirements.

Rare Plant Salvage and Preservation

Our crews have extensive experience salvaging and transplanting special-status plant species, including bulbs (e.g., brodiaea, mariposa lily), herbs (e.g., clarkia, tarplant), shrubs (e.g., summer holly, cacti), and trees (e.g., Joshua tree).


As a California A-General Engineering licensed contractor we provide full-service engineering and landscape contracting for installation and long-term maintenance of California native habitat and associated public infrastructure installation and repair.

Vegetation Management

We provide weed removal, pest control, erosion repairs, and trash and debris removal in open space habitat areas. This also includes weed and fire abatement for municipalities and weed management for flood control districts.

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