Rare Plant Salvage and Preservation

Our crews have extensive experience salvaging and transplanting special-status plant species, including bulbs (e.g., brodiaea, mariposa lily, wild onion), herbs (e.g., clarkia, tarplant), shrubs (e.g., summer holly, cacti), and trees (e.g., Joshua tree). Many transplantation projects have involved maintenance to assure successful establishment.

Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary School Wetlands and Rare Plant Restoration

See how this San Diego County school district implemented wetlands and rare plant mitigation to keep construction of a new elementary school on schedule and ready for the new school year.

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Spineflower Preserve Enhancement

Read how HRS is currently managing four Spineflower enhancement preserves that total 36 acres.

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What We Do

Our restoration expertise provides the right staff and equipment to meet permit requirements.

  • Plant salvage
  • Plant propagation
  • Plant transplantation

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