Habitat Maintenance Services

HRS provides on-call habitat maintenance services for grassland, scrub, ponds and wetland areas in the East Bay Regional Park District.

Project Facts
  • East Bay Regional Park District
  • Oakland, California
  • 319 acres of habitat maintenance
  • 7 open space preserves

The Challenge

The East Bay Regional Park District (EB Parks) is responsible for the long-term care and establishment of created and restored habitats of threatened and endangered (T&E) species on seven different East Bay open space areas. The project areas range in size from 5 acres to 150 acres and the total project area is 319 acres. Work includes herbicide application, removing targeted weeds by hand and mechanical methods, fence installation, and replanting/re-seeding native plants.

The Solution

HRS staff are experienced in the identification of California native plants versus typical invasive weeds, and the differing native vegetation communities such as riparian zones, wetlands, seasonal and vernal wetlands which is an important qualification for this client. In addition, we provide staff and equipment to perform mowing, string trimming, hand weeding, fence modifications/repair, and erosion control installation/repair.

What We Do

Our restoration expertise provides the right staff and equipment to meet permit requirements.

  • Erosion repair
  • Fence installation and repair
  • Fuel reduction
  • Hand weeding
  • Herbicide application
  • Hydroseeding
  • Invasive species removal
  • Planting
  • Weed control

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