Pampas Grass Removal at Talbert Regional Park

HRS worked with the County of Orange and OC Parks on non-native, pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) removal at Talbert Regional Park in Costa Mesa, California. Excavators and front loaders were used to crush the pampas grass and remove the root masses. Biological, cultural, and archaeological monitors were onsite to ensure compliance.

Project Facts
  • County of Orange
  • Orange County, California
  • 36 acres within the Talbert Nature Preserve
  • Pampas grass removal

The Challenge

Pampas grass outcompetes and can overtake the native species leading to the possible degradation and reduction of available native habitat that is suitable for wildlife food and storage. In addition, the dense growth of this non-native is highly flammable and can lead to hazardous fire conditions.

The Solution

Both HRS hand crews and equipment were utilized and a front loader with a grapple attachment was used to place the removed pampas grass in 40-yard bins to be hauled off-site. Where equipment could not reach or access the removal site, hand crews removed the vegetation. Safety was a key factor with this project as this is an open space area with frequent use by pedestrians. HRS provided a safety spotter to monitor each site where equipment was working to help ensure public safety.

In Our Words

“The client was receptive to HRS starting the work after the rainy season which would have been difficult for the equipment to run in wet, muddy conditions. Keeping the client informed and offering solutions that could keep this project moving forward made this a successful project for all involved.”

Kyle Matthews, QAL
Vice President, Senior Project Manager

What We Did

Our restoration expertise provides the right staff and equipment to meet permit requirements.

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