Weed and Rubbish Abatement Program

For the purposes of fire safety, the City of Carlsbad established a Weed and Rubbish Abatement Program with the City Fire Marshal to facilitate removal of nuisances in the form of dry weeds and rubbish from vacant parcels throughout the City of Carlsbad.

Project Facts
  • City of Carlsbad, Fire Prevention Division
  • Carlsbad, California
  • Fire hazard removal
  • Vacant lot weed abatement

The Challenge

City and privately-owned vacant lots can pose a fire threat if the vegetation is not managed and maintained. The City needed a contractor that had experience in hand and mechanical weed removal with a team leader that was familiar with the City of Carlsbad maps and parcel numbers.

The Solution

HRS staff work closely with the client, the City Fire Marshal, who issues the work orders and parcels. Clearing and removal of fire hazards are completed using a combination of equipment and hand crews to perform the required mowing, mulching, hand pulling, weed whipping and chipping. The project requires strict management of parcel work orders as multiple work orders are delivered at one time. HRS is currently working on removing dry and dangerous vegetation that could pose a fire hazard.

What We Do

Our restoration expertise provides the right staff and equipment to meet permit requirements.

  • Fire hazard removal
  • Fuel modification
  • Weed abatement

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