Saugstad Urban Rivers Bank Stabilization 

This design-build habitat enhancement project created vegetated bioswales, added sediment, captured plantings, stabilized the creek bank to prevent further sedimentation and the loss of habitat within the Dry Creek watershed and ultimately created a diverse instream and native riparian habitat.

Project Facts
  • Design-Build
  • High public use area – site safety was top priority.
  • Construction – creek dewatering, excavation and grading.
  • Multiple government agency permitting coordination.

The Challenge

This 1.3 acre site required creek bank stabilization to reduce and eliminate soil sedimentation in the Dry Creek watershed. Construction activities within stream habitats can have an inherent level of risk due to using heavy equipment within confined work spaces, the sensitivity of the environment, and the seasonal constraints.

The Solution

HRS worked closely with the Dudek design team to develop a dewatering approach with redundancies built to allow the instream work to be completed without any delays that also protects the sensitive resources within the project limits. HRS installed biotechnical treatments to provide several benefits for the project.

These help modify stream channel morphology (bed and bank), and surface water flows; add roughness for sediment trapping; create and enhance aquatic and terrestrial habitat; regulate water temperature through shading (shaded riverine aquatic [SRA] habitat); and provide long-term nutrients to an ecosystem.


What We Did

Our restoration expertise provides the right staff and equipment to meet permit requirements.

Project Support

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