Creek and Meadow Restoration

Our Team includes Engineers, Landscape Architects, Biologists, Hydrogeologists, Permit Experts, and Experienced Equipment Operators. No project is too complex for our team to handle. We work closely with you and the project stakeholders to find field-engineered solutions that work within the project budget and schedule.

Sustainable Water Management

Our team has over 30 years of river and meadow restoration experience. We have invested more than $3.0 million in specialized restoration equipment, and employ the most experienced river/marsh equipment operators. We rapidly adapt to field conditions including the dynamic environment of working in a river by working closely with the field engineer on field-fit changes.

We design and install revetment systems that protect levees and streambanks from high water flows and erosive actions. Our designs use biotechnical treatments for streambank stabilization and hillside slope erosion control which slows run-off, encourages infiltration, provides controls for sedimentation, intercepts rainfall, controls overland sheet flow characteristics, and manages other forces that encourage erosion.

We are 3F Experts: Flora, Fauna, Fish

Our team is skilled in the use of large woody debris, boulder clusters, and pool/riffle reconstruction to restore, protect and maintain streams and fish habitats which would otherwise require several decades to recover naturally. Stream stabilization and rehabilitation of degraded, lost, or cut-off fish habitat reduces sediment-debris transport to streams, improving habitat capacity, as well as fish survival rates.

Our Common Goals:

  • Restore Healthy Ecosystems for Flora, Fauna, and Fish
  • Rehabilitate Impaired Rivers
  • Renovate Culverts to Improve Fish Passage and Habitats
  • Restore and Enhance Floodplains and Biodiversity

What We Do

Our restoration expertise provides the right staff and equipment to meet permit requirements.

  • Boulder Barbs
  • Boulder Clusters
  • Brush Mattress
  • Crib Walls
  • Erosion Control Fabric/Netting
  • F.E.S. (Fabric Encapsulated Soil) with Brush Layer
  • Rock-Rootwad Revetment
  • Herbaceous Sod Transplanting
  • I.W.M. (In-stream Woody Material) Barbs
  • Live Fascines/Wattles
  • Pole Cutting Fence
  • Pole Cuttings/Whip Plants in Structures
  • Slash
  • Terraces and Benches

Project Support

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