Vegetation Management

We provide weed abatement, pest control, erosion repairs, and trash removal in open space habitat areas, municipality fire hazard zones and urban, flood control districts in order to control undesirable vegetation.

Prevention of Vegetation Overgrowth

We remove undesirable vegetation, fire hazards or fire nuisances by mowing, manual methods, and hauling. Our team develops and recommends maintenance activities for our long-term projects. We’ll work closely with you on a vegetation management plan that includes monthly reports and photo documentation of our activities.

Erosion Control and BMP’s

We install and maintain erosion control devices where site preparation or other restoration activities cause soil disturbance. Our team implements Best Management Practices (BMPs) as required to prevent movement of sediment into or off our restoration sites.

Our Masticator in Action: Providing Fuel Management Services

What We Do

Our restoration expertise provides the right staff and equipment to meet permit requirements.

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